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Legal Disclaimers & Privacy Notice:

IF IN CRISIS, ONE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THE NEAREST HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM. Implied consent, agreement and understanding of all disclaimers is required and assumed. All descriptions are provided as information only. Readers are solely responsible for their use. All information within this   website is intended for adults over 18 only. This information may not cover all possible claims, uses, actions, precautions, side effects or interactions. It is not recommended that one use self-help programs, tools or techniques (including imagery & audio programs) for: drug addiction, clinical depression, anesthesia, burns, or for victims of physical / sexual abuse. Instead, please consult with an appropriate licensed health care professional. All new patient referrals to my private-practice should review this information, prior their first office visit.

Laws regarding the use of biofeedback vary throughout the world. It is the readerís responsibility to understand the governing laws in oneís jurisdiction. It is never ethical to use auditory/visual light biofeedback on individuals with a seizure disorder.  If you are uncomfortable with any of these recordings, you may want to try an alternate. The audio/visual files linked from this site are files, intended for willing participants of legal age. Some biofeedback programs may induce deep states of relaxation. Prior to listening to any voice or musical recordings, one should prepare oneself, as though one were getting ready for sleep. Prepare a comfortable, safe position for oneself. Do not engage in biofeedback when you require alertness (as when driving a motor vehicle), if you are diagnosed with a serious mental health illness, if you are under the influence of any prescription or illicit drugs/alcohol. or if you have any family history of seizure disorders. Allow oneself at least thirty minutes to return to an alert state, after experiencing a biofeedback  program.  Consultation with a licensed medical and mental health professional is required, prior to use. Although all of the audio and visual files are freely available, via the Internet sites from which they are linked / hosted, they are copyrighted programs from their respective sites, which are for your personal use only.

Although generally safe, similar to the necessity of exercising caution prior to crossing the street, before using biofeedback, one shall yield to the precautions noted herein. Prior to using alternative therapies (meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback etc.), it is important to understand that most have not been fully evaluated scientifically. Therefore, there is limited information, regarding their ultimate safety and efficacy.  Whether-or-not there exists limits, over their scope of clinical application, varies between states and disciplines. If you decide to try alternative therapies, it is recommended that you choose a professional that is state licensed and adheres to organizational standards. Additionally, always consult with your primary care physician, before beginning any new therapies. Visit the following link, for related disclaimers: http://www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/WSIHW000/8513/34968/358865.html?d=dmtContent#background.

Unless otherwise noted, the material within this website may not be reproduced or transmitted in whole or in part in any medium (whether electronic, mechanical or otherwise) without the express written authorization of its creator, William F. Dougherty, PsyD.  Generally, all information within this website is considered personal opinion. Unless otherwise noted, any resemblance to characters real or imagined is purely coincidental. This website is not intended to be considered legal, medical, or any other professional service. The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice or care. If you require or desire legal, medical, or other expert assistance, you should seek the services of a competent professional.  William F. Dougherty, PsyD, and his employees / agents are not liable for any damages arising from, or in connection with the use of, misuse of, or reliance upon any information contained herein, including information outside this website to which this site may link. Updates are made to this site quarterly.

Although this site is a professional website, which is hosted and regularly updated by Pennsylvania licensed professional counselor William F. Dougherty, PsyD, nothing herein constitutes a professional relationship with its visitors. This website complies with the industry highest standards for trustworthy health information. This website also adheres to all copyright law. If you have a question about information herein, which you believe may infringe copyright, please send notice to psyd@hushmail.com. Please note that most of the videos, which are linked from this site, are appropriately hosted by YouTube. Most video and other copyrighted media, to which this site may link, is done in accordance with legal precedence.

Furthermore, you will not hold William F. Dougherty, PsyD responsible for any damages (lost time, crashed computer, etc), associated with any information or assessment downloads obtained from this website.  All assessment questionnaires should be completed under the direction and supervision of a licensed professional counselor or psychologist trained in administration and interpretation of confidential personal/clinical information and responses.

Due to the nature of electronic communication, the confidentiality of email exchanges cannot be guaranteed.  Although email is password protected and encrypted using the technology developed by Hushmail.net Inc. and is checked on a fairly regular basis, there is a significant delay in response time.  Do not reply upon email for urgent matters. Unless you are currently an active patient with William F. Dougherty, PsyD. Any use of information herein does not constitute a professional therapeutic relationship. William F. Dougherty, PsyD is not responsible for misdirected or lost correspondence.

Unless otherwise noted, links to outside, individual organizations (including professional memberships and youtube videos) are provided solely as a service to users. Links do not constitute an endorsement of any organization by William F. Dougherty, nor his employees / agents, and none should be inferred. William F. Dougherty and his employees / agents are not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. Other software or hardware products mentioned herein are the copyright or trademark of their respective owners or developers and are hereby acknowledged as such. This site claims no affiliation to these other products. The host URL of all links can be determined by "right-clicking" the link and clicking on "properties". If there exists factual knowledge that an outside host-site is not hosting within the realms of fair use, please notify William F. Dougherty, PsyD so that, in that unlikely event, the link can be removed.

This website resides on the servers of the webs.com web hosting company. It is synonymous with and can be accessed via drdougherty.org or doughertypsyd.webs.com.   

This website does not accept or host any advertising.  All funding for this site is solely made possible by its creator.  All personal information is kept strictly confidential. Use of any personal information is limited to communicating future office visits, scheduling and any and all email communication is handled by a secure website. One's name, address, email, and other personal information is never shared with a third party, without prior consent or unless required by law.

We do not host advertisements. All content and our editorial content is free of any commercial/advertisement/sponsoring influence.

CAUTION: "Light & Sound" machines and biofeedback devices create their effects by producing flickering lights. You must not use "Light & Sound" machines, or any of the auditory/visual link pages  if you or a family member have ever suffered from epilepsy, photosensitive epilepsy, photosensitivity, hallucination(s), head injury(s), seizure(s), psychotic episode(s), major mental health problems, a major concussion(s), or other neurological problems. It is possible to be photosensitive and not know it. Do not use light/sound technology on unsuspecting individuals, or those under age 18.  If using the software in a workplace or other public environment, ensure that responsible parties understand these warnings while protecting unsuspecting individuals from inadvertent exposure. If the flashing lights make you experience any abnormal or unusual physical or mental discomfort, disorientation, dizziness, headaches, or other symptoms, immediately discontinue use and consult your physician. Do not use while in motion.  It is important to understand that "brainwave entrainment" (believed to be the process upon which the Virtual "Light & Sound Machine" Meditation Software relies) is an ongoing, emerging area of research. As such, short and long-term effects of "brainwave entrainment" are not fully understood. As a result, one must use aforementioned precaution and consider any potential risks. Some of the theoretical risks of "brainwave entrainment" also include some of the same risks associated with the use of self-hypnosis or meditation, as mentioned herein. For more information about the potential risks associated with photosensitive seizure disorders and photosensitive epilepsy, visit: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/about/photosensitivity/gerba.cfm.

While the author has made every effort to be factual, your results may vary.   Since updates to this site can occur at any time, often check back for revisions. Any difficulties with downloading "voice narrative" or other questions pertaining to this website, can be directed to: psyd@hushmail.com   FDA Disclaimer: These statements and/or products have not been evaluated by the United States' Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician.

Consult a physician and mental health professional before using any of the information herein, including  self-meditative recording  technique, and light/sound machines.  Do not use while driving (or within thirty minutes of driving), or engaged in any activity that requires you to concentrate, or be alert. Do not use them if you have any mental or physical disorders unless directed by your doctor. Sleeplessness, pain, and other emotional and / or physical problems can signs of serious medical problems. Always consult with one's family physician, if experiencing any discomfort. Immediately discontinue use of any programs herein, if accompanied with any discomfort.  William F. Dougherty, PsyD will not be held responsible for any damage that could result from downloads linked from its site.  Use at your own risk.

This site is intended solely for visitors from the United States of America. If you violate any of the above terms of service and/or any copyright, you agree to be held liable for all associated attorney fees and statutory damages awarded upon a copyright infringement or other lawsuit that may be brought against you. Kindly read Section 504(c)(2) (http://www.copyright.gov/title17/92chap5.html#504). You also agree that any potential legal proceedings will occur in Lackawanna County in the State of Pennsylvania, USA.

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