William F. Dougherty, PsyD

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On-Site Workshops & Trainings for Staff Development

Dr. Dougherty is available to conduct 3 or 6 hour trainings on-site at your organization.   Every training is custom designed to meet your organizational needs and can include multimedia segments, audience discussion, question and answer, small group breakout sessions, team building, and problem solving.  Dr. Dougherty will personally meet with your management team on-site prior to his presentation to insure quality and efficacy of service delivery.                                                                


Managing Chronic Pain & Addiction  (3-hour Training)

Current Trends in pharmacology, biofeedback, music therapy for addictions.  This training will benefit clinicians working both in-patient and out-patient settings.


Breaking the Cycle of Stress (1.5 to 2 hour Training)

Gain clarity of mind and an increased capacity to meet and overcome life's challenges. This training, also is at the cutting edge of stress reduction,
offering a powerful blend of meditation and breathing techniques with cognitive training for getting at the root causes of stress. These methods have been clinically proven at Harvard and MIT to increase concentration, reduce blood pressure, manage chronic pain, and even reverse advanced heart disease. Participants will learn how to:

Understand and communicate more effectively
in work/personal relationships.

Manage challenging work/life situations with greater
calmness and clarity of mind.
Dramatically reduce stress with simple techniques
that can be done in just a few moments.
Achieve significant relief from chronic pain, stress and fatigue.
Enhance your personal productivity. Focus the
mind where you want it to go, to achieve results
more quickly and effectively.

  Download Powerpoint Content for:

   Breaking the Cycle of Stress

   Pain & Addiction 


Biofeedback Clinical Update  (3-Hour Training)

This  workshop will assist professionals gain insight into current biofeedback applications used in treating anxiety, stress reduction, and pain management. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a live demonstration.

  Powerpoint Content: 

  1-Managing Chronic Pain--2018 Biofeedback Clinical Update(2).ppt





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